Rhea is a truth-seeker, artist, art psychotherapist and lover of God. She is clairsentient, which has served as the foundation for her deep empathy for all living beings. 


Her journey inward to find her most authentic self began eight years ago when she started dabbling in yoga in Bermuda. Later, she began to incorporate it as a form of stress management when she was at university in Lancaster, UK. It was there that she met, her teacher, shadow worker and dear friend Collette Corcoran who guided her deeper into yoga as a way of living - and healing -

via the 8 limbs of yoga, and introduced her to both breath-work and shadow work. 


Rhea has studied fine art and psychology at the University of Lancaster, and a MA in art therapy at Metàfora Centre d’Estudis d’Artteràpia en Barcelona, Spain. She has completed a two year practicum at Fundacio Pere Mitjans and MIFAS, as an art therapist working with groups of differently abled individuals.  In her last year of prácticas, she worked with children as risk of social exclusion in a public school in Barcelona.


She believes in the creative power of art as a way to unveil the most intimate parts of the self that we hide from conscious knowing, allowing us to become reacquainted with who we really are, and as a container through which we can process trauma and express our deepest emotions. 


She is a teacher of the online course, 13 Roses - Re-Discovering your sacred sexual self, and is in the process of creating her own body of work of self discovery through art. 


Her aim is to guide others as they tap into their inner Gnosis, to become their own empowered healers.